Apps vs. Aisles: Why Online Grocery Shopping is a Tough Sell

We all have seen how drastically online businesses have changed the way we do business in general. Almost everything is now sold and bought online, which have made most of our lives easier. Shoes, clothes, and even services are available at the power of your fingertips. Those things have successfully penetrated the ecommerce industry, but there Jacob Rhame jersey are also some items that are still tough to sell on the web—groceries.

Added to that is the difficulty of the processes in setting up an online store due to the business owner’s lack of knowledge and technical expertise to get their store going. Even now that ecommerce is already dubbed as a multi-billion dollar industry, groceries still take long to sell. Research shows it does not necessarily reflect lack of interest, but rather a lack of tangible observation.  View top ecommerce platforms 

What could be the reasons why online grocery shopping has not found the gold mine in ecommerce yet?

  • Buying shoes and clothes can be reliable with just high resolution images. This is unlike jerseys for sales food, where we naturally smell and touch them to make sure they’re at their best condition. Making sure we get the best fresh cheap nba jerseys China produce over the internet is simply impossible.
  • We all know that food is a perishable item. When you have to wait for your grocery items to be shipped, you could be worried that they might get stuck longer with the courier. The longer the shipping time, the higher the possibility that they are no longer fresh when they finally arrive at your doorstep.
  • Electronic ordering seems to deny consumers the sensory component of grocery shopping. We naturally want to get a feel of fruits and vegetables, as well as baked goods to determine their freshness. We of course cannot do that when we shop for food online.
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Now, even if people do not really choose online grocery shopping as of press time, there is still a possibility for them to succumb to it in the long run, as industry experts are still making efforts to meet the demands of consumers. As a matter of fact, major grocery companies are now looking for ways on how to attract more customers to use online access in lieu of easier, faster checkout lines. Until that time, we’ll be facing more of arguments whether it is actually better to shop for groceries by app or by aisle.

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